Mobile EdgeComputing

HellaStorm has designed a revolutionary approach to network-based data movement. Our IP was specifically designed to handle the explosive demand for internet-based video content by enabling hyper-scale capacity, low consistent latency, and low power. With HellaStorm's IP, software based applications can run more efficiently as data movement between network and storage are handled by custom hardware - similar to how a GPU handles graphics processing. Using HellaStorm at the edge increases the end user quality of service while lowering back-haul demands.

Our hyper-scale IP is offered in a variety of form factors-from a purpose-build platform to standard servers-so it easily integrates into your network.

The HellaStormDifference

We invented a Stream Processing Unit (SPU) to offload the heavy lifting of data movement, network protocols, file access, and encryption from the software layers.

This increase in performance means your processors can return to revenue-generating workloads.

Hellastorm SPU vs. Conventional Solutions

How It Works

Our solution is based on the concept of HyperScale Computing, which helps Edge and Cloud systems accomodate increased demand for information.

While conventional solutions offer limited capacity due to CPU bottlenecks, HellaStorm's SPU takes over data movement, freeing up CPU resources to run value-creating applications. There's no choke-point during demand peaks, so you get consistent, unrestricted throughput.